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We use the latest technology and the very best equipment to manufacture products for companies around the world. Here are a few of our machines that enable us to do groundbreaking work. 

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Kitamura MedCenter 5AX

Ideal for ultra-high precision simultaneous 5-axis machining +

micro-machining, equipped with 13-station automatic pallet changer

Arburg All-Rounder 370S 600-300
(LSR + Thermoplastics )

(LSR) Configured for silicone injection molding

(Thermoplastics) Configured for high pressure micro molding with a

high wear screw and barrel

EnvisionTec Vector 3SP

3D printer capable for production of large parts at rapid speed without sacrificing quality, highly accurate components regardless of geometric complexity

Alpha-Laser ALW300

Processes pieces up to 350 kg with 4-axis motion system, laser precision, tiltable optics, beam remains optimally aligned to joint

Sodick ALN400G

Linear motor driven high-performance wire EDM machine, .002”-.010” wire configurations, capable of precision cutting of materials such as carbide and superior surface finishes of 8 RMS

Sodick AG40L

Linear die sinker EDM, simplified control mechanisms, fastest possible servo-response and optimal spark gaps with a step resolution of .0001” with surface finishes of 63 RA

Vasantha Vector Orange Pattern-01.png
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VT 3-03.png

Current CT400EDM

Versatile CNC electric discharge drilling machine, burr-free hole capacity, ideal for micro holes, vent holes, and removing broken drills and taps

Zeiss O-Inspect 322

Multisensory measuring machine which optimizes 3D accuracy compliant with ISO standards, cutting-edge optical performance with sub-micron measuring capability

Zeiss Micura CMM

Equipped with high-end sensor and navigation technology, this machine provides two measuring volumes for hyper-precision at sub-micron capabilities

Makino D200Z

Enhanced high-speed 5-axis hard machining for precision die, mold tooling, and medical parts processing

Makino V33i

Vertical hard milling machine with unique core-cooling technology which minimizes thermal distortion, integrated spindle and drive motor reduce vibration during high-speed operation

Clark BV3D Bridgeport-Style Mill

Standard, high-quality mill with milling, drilling, and boring capabilities increasing operator precision

Vasantha Vector Orange Pattern-01.png
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VT 4-02.png
VT 4-03.png
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Okamoto ACC-618DX3

Heavy duty construction, hand scraped double vee table ways, 6” x 18” surface grinder with in-feed increments as fine as .00005”

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Okamoto ACC-1632-SA1

Servo driven vertical feed, 20” x 32” plate grinder with in-feed increments of .00005”

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Babin TML-5CNC

Ultra-precision tool making lathe, amplifies machinist capability with speed, ease, accuracy, and functionality

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